Diskeeper Home

Diskeeper Home

This dependable application will help you defragment your hard-disk
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Regular hard-disks (not SSD ones) will write information on the first sector available. This means that if there is a small gap between two occupied portions, they will write there a part of the data and the rest wherever they have room. This is called fragmentation and it generally leads to a decrease in the execution speed of your PC. A tool like Diskeeper Home is exactly what you need to efficiently deal with this issue.

Diskeeper Home is a reliable application that will help you defragment your PC, improve its operating speed and increase the life-span of your hard-disk. This application is an effective alternative for the standard defrag tool that Windows offers.

One of the most generally appreciated features that the Diskeeper Home offers is a function called “IntelliWrite”. This technology is very handy as it will prevent your drives from getting fragmented in the future. Another advantage for using Diskeeper Home is that it can automatically defrag your hard-disk, without taking up too many resources from your system. This means that you will be able to conveniently complete your other tasks while the application unobtrusively does its job. Furthermore, this user-friendly program will stop its activity whenever your laptop battery is running low, in order to help save power.

In conclusion, Diskeeper Home is a useful defrag tool, which I recommend. Although it has small flaw in the fact that it won’t let you schedule tasks, the program does its job very well, features a friendly GUI and has a reasonable price, so it’s worth trying out. Furthermore, this application has been on the market since somewhere around 1981, so it’s surely trustworthy.

Sean O'Reilly
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  • This application can extend the life-span of your hard-disk.
  • Can automatically defragment your drives, without hogging too many resources from your system.
  • The program will automatically stop its activity when your battery is running low.
  • The application provides a feature called "IntelliWrite", which keeps your drives from getting fragmented


  • It doesn't offer any scheduling options
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